Output AC Reactor

Smoothing circuit, efficient from IGBT motor drives, so as to extending service life of electric motors, reduce motor noise and eddy loss, reduce the leakage current resulted from the output of high harmonic. Protect the electronic power switch within the inverters with inverter reactor.

AC reactor for inverter is installed next to the inverter between the inverter and water pump. The line reactors for ac drivescan smooth filter, reduce motor noise and help prolong the life of the water pump; reduce the leakage current caused by the output higher harmonic, and protect the power switch devices in the inverter. A VFD reactor can also ensure the steadier operation and higher efficiency of the water pump.

Features of AC Reactor for Inverter

lSelection of silicon steel, ferrite magnetic material of amorphous core according to the frequency of application.

lExcellent property due to foil winding structure, small DC resistance, strong resistance to the electromagnetic force, good overload ability in a short time.

lF class insulation materials are used, which ensure drive reactors maintain reliable performance in harsh working conditions.

lDesigned with low magnetic flux density, the drive reactor is of high linearity, powerful overload capacity. Moreover, combined with VPI process, the noise is low.

Application of Inverter Reactor

An output reactor for VFDis used to protect the motor if the wiring distance between the VFD and motor is very long. The drive generates a high-frequency PWM three-phase output and noise spikes are generated on the leading edge of these signals. So we suggest:

If the distance between the inverter and water pump exceeds 50 meters, a VFD Reactor is suggested.

If the distance exceeds 100 meters, you must add the VFD Reactor and enlarge the inverter model.

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