Heparin Cap

Features ofHeparin Cap

Heparin cap consists of a connector and a rubber

It is made of medical-grade PC and isoprene rubber

It can bear 50Kpa hydraulic pressure and can connect with standard Luer connectors

If choosing a single blister packaging and sterilizing by EO, it will have non-toxic, nonpyrogenic, and no other adverse reactions, and have good biocompatibility

Blister packing can be printed according to the customer's special printing needs

This disposable medical device is able to avoid cross-contamination infection and increase the security of infusion

This heparin cap performs safely and reliably and removes conveniently and flexibly.

Available with yellow type and transparent type.

Specification ofHeparin Cap

Product code




Yellow, latex



Yellow, latex-free



Transparent, latex



Transparent, latex-free

Gcmedica was established in 1998, is a professional hepa filter factory, we provide Heparin Cap, trach hme filter, nasal oxygen cannulaand etc. Want to know Heparin Cap use? Please contact us.

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