Carved Teeth

In the teaching of oral anatomy, besides the relevant local anatomy of maxillofacial and neck, the teaching of dental surface anatomy occupies a considerable proportion.In this part of teaching, carving teeth is the most important, accounting for 40% ~ 80% of the class hours of oral anatomy.

Carving teeth is a necessary skill for students majoring in stomatology and dentists. By carving teeth, on the one hand, it can train the basic operation skills in the oral process, and on the other hand, it can deepen the understanding of the morphological characteristics of teeth.

UM-U6 Three Times Carving Teeth Steps Guidance Model(a Set of 5 Teeth Position)U

The triple sculpt guide model, based on the anatomy of human teeth in vitro, is presented in a standard manner.

UM-U11 1:1 Carved Teeth Step Guidance Model

Based on the anatomy of human teeth in vitro, the teeth are presented in a standard manner, and the structure of the crowns is convenient for the user to compare and reference the carving.

UM-U15 3 Times Guiding Model of Tooth Carving

Oral three times carving guide model teeth maxillofacial oral teaching tooth shape anatomy carving oral anatomy physiology oral technicians carving medical technicians.

Use wax knife, alcohol lamp and blowtorch correctly

Familiar with the properties of material wax

Further study the morphological characteristics of each tooth, and deeply understand the relationship among teeth, dentition and occlusion

According to the physiological significance of the shape of the tooth crown, the axial protrusion and shape of the tooth crown should be correctly restored, and the occlusal relationship should be restored

Recognize lip, cheek, tongue, and abduction Spaces

The carved wax teeth should have a good adjacent connection with the adjacent teeth, a coordinated closing curve and a close occlusal contact relationship

The Meaning Of Carving Teeth

Tooth carving technology is one of the important technology of oral medicine, oral medical students after learning tooth anatomy theory courses, they require the actual tooth carving techniques to improve the practice ability, only repeated practice, in order to master the structure and characteristics of the tooth in the mouth, in oral medicine, restoring the tooth the tooth body sculpture is the intention of important technologies,Therefore, strengthening the training of dental carving technology is a necessary measure to train dental professionals

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