Pneumatic Butterfly Valve

As one of the leadingchina ball valve suppliers, ZECO Valve Group developed our own laboratory for research &development for international standard valvedesign innovation and vertification, which includes PT, MT, UT, FE test. ZECO Valve Group is a humble and united team, to be more diligent and progressive to show the itegrity and we are long-term valve supplier of our clients.

Description of Pneumatic Butterfly Valve:

ZECO pneumatic butterfly valve mainly in the pipeline as a truncation function is to use pneumatic devices to drive the valve stem rotating butterfly disc open and close action to achieve the truncation or open medium flow effect, a very competitive pneumatic butterfly valve price. At present butterfly valve in low-pressure large diameter or medium diameter, a pipeline used more. Pneumatic butterfly valve basically piped in high altitude, through the solenoid valve control opening and closing of the valve, but also have the effect of regulating media flow, the butterfly valve fluid resistance small, large diameter and the diameter of the pneumatic butterfly valve opens all effective circulation area is large, because the reasons for opening and closing of pneumatic device is very fast and save. Because the disc plate on both sides of the valve stem receives nearly equal force from the medium, but produces torque in opposite directions, so the opening and closing torque are small and easy to open. Under low pressure, the butterfly valve can also achieve good sealing. The sealing materials of the butterfly valve are NBR, VITON, Teflon lining, etc., and the metal sealing materials are metal and resilient laminated metal sheets. Such materials also have an excellent sealing performance at low temperature.

Features of Pneumatic Butterfly Valve:

  1. The seat of ZECO pneumatic butterfly valve can choose a stellited seat. The metal-faced integral seat can help the valve reduce maintenance and extend long valve life..

Material of Pneumatic Butterfly Valve:








Seal Ring

Graphite + SS304


Retainer Flange

ASTM A182 F304



ASTM A276 304






ASTM A276 304


Stem Packing



Stem Beating

SS304 + PTFE



ASTM A193 B8



ASTM A194 8




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