Metallic Trim

Metallic Trimis very common. Any trim with a little metallic material could be considered as a metallic trim. Metallic can refer to any metal colors. The most common is silver and gold.

Metallic trims by Kejing, a professional trimming manufacturer, have a wide range of applications. Since any trim with metallic can be known as one, it depends on how you would like to use it. We used fine metallic material for the braid and make stunning additions to any garment or home furnishing.

We have many other metallic braid trim and metallic trim tape come in a variety of colors for your selection. Our metallic bullion fringe, with cheap wholesale price will make your room sparkle!

Metallic Trim Wide Selection

Metallic Bias Tape

Metallic Braid Trim

Metallic Lace Trim

KEJING LACE Company is a professional jacquard ribbon manufacturer, we provide decorative trimming, custom webbing, bullion fringe wholesale, bullion trim, metallic gold trimand etc.

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