20.5-25 Tires

Features Of NLB3 OTR Tires

Classical non-directional pattern with big tread width:

The non-directional tread design enables excellent traction in both directions;

The NLB3 is designed with big tread width, which offers better comfort, stability and flotation.

More rubber built in and exclusive compounds for better resistance to cuts and wear:

10% more rubber built in compared with competitors and wear life is increased proportionately;

Exclusive compounds applied to provide excellent resistance to heat generation, cuts and wear.

Robust carcass design and lugs reinforced by a centerpiece tread belt

NLB is built with robust carcass and a strengthened centrepiece tread belt, which make the bias tyre well adapted to even the worst applications.

All Popular Tire Size

750/65 R25










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