RIKEN RMC AP36M hook and loop detail sandpaperadopts the special treated FEPA Aluminium Oxide grain, which has a long durability life. Besides, the sanding surface of the hook and loop abrasives is fine.

DRY SANDPAPER; The backing is flexible and latex paper. Special super coated can make dust removal ability, avoid clogging and static problems, improving the sanding efficiency and lifetime of the products. Maximize the performance of the products.

Riken Abrasives Supplies Hook and Loop Sanding Disc

RIKEN RMC AP36M can be made into sheet, roll, disc which can be installed on the hand pressure sand machine. We provide bulk hook and loop sandpaper.

The super flexible and high strong latex paper backing leads to efficiently sanding in rosewood, musical instrument, furniture, automobile wheel hub, plastic, hardware and paint and so on.

Riken Abrasives is a professional abrasive factory, we provide china abrasives, 320 emery cloth, RMC Abrasives, hook and loop sandpaper sheets, 600 grit hook and loop sandpaper, 1000 grit hook and loop sandpaper, 400 grit sandpaper for orbital sanderand etc.

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