Silicone Coated Fiberglass Tape

QIAN-ZE silicone coated fiberglass tape provides the same protection against extreme heat conditions and occasional direct flames as QIAN-ZE Fire sleeve but in a versatile way. It is specially designed to protect components of irregular shape or varying dimension tapered pipes. Typically, the fiberglass high temp tape is overlapped by 30%, which provides the entire assembly with enhanced protection performance.

QIAN-ZE Silicone Coated Tape is braided from incombustible E-grade fiberglass and covered with a thick layer of silicone rubber that is highly resistant to hydraulic fluids, lubricating oils, and fuels. The silicone coating provides excellent thermal insulating performance with the additional benefit of protecting the underlying heat resistant fiberglass tapefrom oils and other contaminants, as well as molten metal splash. QIAN-ZE, one of the professional thermal insulation sleevesuppliers, offers top-quality silicone ropefor sale. Contact us now to get more info about heat resistant silicone tape!

What Is Fiberglass Tape Used For?

Silicone fiberglass tape is composed of twisted glass fiber strands. These threads are woven at right angles to form a glass fiber cloth of a specific width. In order to prevent the cloth from being untied continuously, it includes the edges of leftover materials. The composition of fiberglass fire sleeve makes it have impressive water resistance.

Silicone coated fiberglass tape is widely used to glue dry walls, the junction between door and window frames and walls, plaster to repair cracked gypsum and seal cracks in walls to prevent the formation of cracks.

Why Is Silicone So Heat Resistant?

Fiberglass high temp tape has low thermal conductivity. This means that it transfers heat much more slowly than some other materials, so it has excellent heat resistance. Heat resistant fiberglass tape can also be described as having good "thermal stability", which means that it can maintain its structure and characteristics over a wide temperature range.

The heat tolenrance of heat resistant silicone tape is mainly due to the highly stable chemical structure of the material. The skeleton of siloxane is a stable structure, which does not allow the material to degrade when heated. With such excellent characteristics, it is no wonder that thermal barrier materials has such a wide range of applications and uses.

Quick Reference of Silicone Coated Fiberglass Tape


E-grade Fiberglass & Silicone Rubber Coating

Recommended Operating Temperature

Continuous: 260℃(500℉) (Silicone Rubber)

650℃(1200℉)(E-grade Fiberglass)

Instantaneous: 1650℃(3000℉)

Size Range

Width:25mm-165mm(1”-6.5”) (Other size can also be customized)


Red (Other colors can also be customized)

Typical Industries

Transportation (Aerospace, Auto, Locomotive, Heavy Equipment)

Metals, Iron & Steel

Hose Fabrication

Oil & Gas

Robot Automation


Hose and Cable Heat & Flame Protection

Water/Oil Proof



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