SINOFLOCsuperabsorbent polymer(known as SAP) are water-insoluble polymer, cross-linked copolymer of acrylic acid. It is in the form of white, odourless granules. This potassium based super absorbent polymeris produced by acrylic acid and a cross-liner solution through polymerization. This product has the character of superabsorbent which makes this material could absorb and retain water ofhundreds of times of its weight shortly. Moreover, this water absorbing polymer granules is able to hold absorbed water even against pressure.

The characters make super absorbent polymer china (SAP) widely used in following fields:
Baby Diaper and Adult Diaper
Sanitary Napkin
Nursing Pad
Water Retaining Agent for Agriculture
Cable and Expanding Rubber
Plugging Agent
Concrete Curing

As one of the leading swater absorbent polymer suppliers / water absorbent polymer manufacturers / super absorbent polymer suppliers in China, SINOFLOC product has been widely used as aqueous absorbent for diapers, adult hygiene products and other similar applications.

Product Safety
Superabsorbent has been widely tested and is considered to be non-toxic by ingestion or application to the skin and not irritating or sensitising to the skin. Testing against various ecological indicator organisms indicates that the material does not represent an environmental hazard.

If you want to know applications of super absorbent polymers in agriculture and water absorption of polymers, contact us.

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