The Market Advantage of Bamboo Flooring

In recent years, bamboo flooring has been selling well in the international market. What are the advantage of bamboo flooringin the market? Let's have a look!

Being wet in winter and dry in summer have always been the flaws of bamboo flooring. People normally think that bamboo flooring is prone to mold in a humid environment and cracks in a dry environment. Science and technology are working to solve all those concerns. Nowadays, bamboo flooring is made of strand woven natural bamboo. The carbonized strand woven bamboo flooring is laminated with glue and then pressed. It not only has excellent moisture resistance but also is not easy to mold. The bamboo flooring sold in dry areas has a perfect moisture content of 8%, so the problem of drying crack is also no longer a puzzle.

The innovation and research and development of bamboo flooring have never stopped. The patterns and varieties of bamboo flooring are also increasing in the flooring market. There are now many wholesale strand woven bamboo floorings on the market. The increase in wood prices is undoubtedly great news for bamboo flooring. When wood resources are less and less, environmentally friendly low-carbon and pure natural bamboo flooring will have more opportunities on the market. At that time, a manufacturer of bamboo productsshould focus on product quality and creativity.

Nowadays, citizens' awareness of environmental protection is at an unprecedented height. Bamboo flooring is green and low-carbon, and very environmentally friendly, which has naturally become the first choice of environmentalists. Whether it is the formaldehyde content or the impact on the natural environment, bamboo flooring is undoubtedly the pioneer of environmental protection in the home building materials industry. Solid wood flooring needs the tree age up to 100 years, while bamboo flooring only requires the bamboo age of 4 to 6 years.

The above is the market advantages of the bamboo floor, I hope it can be helpful for you.

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