LED Track Lighting

Flintlight is a quality led track lighting suppliers, Which include commercial track lighting and commercial track lighting fixtures. 12W dimmable LED Track light, suits for 2-pin JUNO track systems. High CRI (color rendering index).

Different Track Lighting Types

Flintlight can manufacture two track lighting types, one is ordinary track lighting, and the other is magnetic track lighting. Magnetic track lighting has a variety of styles, in addition to spotlight type lamps and lanterns, there are floodlights, ordinary track lighting only spotlight type lamps and lanterns. Inquiry Flintlight led tracking lights suppliersnow, we can be your trustworthy track light suppliers.

JUNO Tracks

Fit for JUNO rail, 90+ CRI,3000K-6000K customzied CCT, White and Black for choice.

JUNO Adjustable Angle Tracks

Fit for JUNO rail, 90+ CRI, 3000K-6000K customized CCT, Adjustable angles, White and Black for choice.

Finding Industrial Track Lighting at Flintlight

The track lights were originally used in the showroom, but there is never a shortage of innovative people in this world. With a slight transformation, the industrial led track lightingare used in the interior design, which is extremely compatible with the retro and fashionable sense of industrial style. These industrial track lighting in the entrance hall do not direct the light to the ground, but hit the light on the decorative paintings on the wall, the light in the back and forth produced diffuse reflection, the light becomes softer.

Flintlight Customizable Track Lighting

As LED track light manufacturers, Flintlight custom track lighting’s input voltage, power, LED color, luminous flux, color temperature, housing size and shape color, optical lens, etc. can be customized according to the customer according to different places of use. Buy track lighting at a competitive led track light price from Flintlight, Inquiry now!

Track Lighting Buying Guide

Firstly, you need to make sure the length of the track and the amount of track lighting heads you need to buy. Then you should choose the track lighting systems you like or suitable for your room. There are various track lighting types that have flexible heads and tracks, and we also provide a custom design service for you. It is wise to choose the styles and colors according to the decoration and whole style of the places you plan to install. It is better to choose the same style and colors as your room.

More about Track Lightings?

Why Choose Flintlight for Your Commercial Track Lighting Fixtures ?

Flintlight’s commercial track lighting fixtures have features of commodity display and design of new LED lights, new commercial track lights adjustable design, using led light source, spectrum pure, colorful, environmental protection and energy saving. Flintlight customizable track lighting has aluminum alloy shell, light and easy, beautiful and generous. High power transformer, combined with lamps and power supply, more prominent its elegant characteristics. Flintlight commercial led track lighting is suitable for indoor lighting in homes, shopping malls and supermarkets, cabinets, restaurants, hotel rooms and aisles, counter lights, etc. Trust Flintlight commercial track lighting systems.

How Efficient Are Track Lightings?

Suit for 2-pin JUNO track systems.

Light direction adjustable.

Uniform illumination with integrated spot type LED with parabolic aluminized reflector.

Eye Protection: No flickering, smooth & comfortable, No UV or IR, No mercury, no lead, no radiation

Are track lights dimmable?

LED track lighting can be designed as adjustable lighting in terms of the lights. If you want to adjust the light, you can choose to install it with halogen and incandescent lamps which can use the line-voltage dimmer to adjust the lights. And the light direction of track lighting fixtures can also be adjustable, so as to illuminate the vaster space as soon as possible. Our dimmable industrial track lighting has a long lifetime and is very safe, which deserves your trust.

Flint is a china led light bulb manufacturer, we supply a wide variety of products to support the growing adoption of energy-efficient LED applications. We provide table light dimmer, high cri track lighting, smart track lighting system, filament bulb, etc. For best place to buy track lightingor more information, please feel free to contact us!

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