3104 Aluminium Coil

3104 aluminum coil (AL-Mn) belongs to modification aluminum alloy, and has good deep-drawing property, which is suitable for thinning the tensile lightweight materials to reduce the quantity of material.

Application of 3104 Aluminium Coil

3104 aluminum sheeting rollis suitable for power battery case on light automobiles, kitchenware, food storage units, tanks or cabins for transportation equipment, pressure vessels or pipes and so on.

Features of 3104 Aluminium Coil

3104 aluminum coil has very good corrosion resistance, excellent anodizing effect, no low temperature brittleness, strong weather resistance, etc.

Specification of 3104 Aluminium Coil

Model Grade






As request


More than 28 HB

Alloy or Not


Surface treatment

Mill finished /brushed/polished


No limited for ready stock

Technology standard

GB/T 3880/ASTM.B209/EN485

CAISC is a professional aluminum alloy factory, we provide aluminium alloy products, aluminium for building, 6061 t6 aluminum sheet, etc. If you want to know more, please contact us.

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