3105 Aluminium Coil

3105 aluminum coilis a typical deep-drawing material, which is very suitable for roll forming, stamping and manufacturing.

Application of 3105 Aluminium Coil

3105 aluminium coil can be widely used in the production of ROPP/ screw/ crown caps for wine, spirits, beverage and soda bottles, etc.

Features of 3105 Aluminium Coil

3105 aluminium coil properties show excellent deep drawing, formability, corrosion resistance and impressive surface treatment effect.

Specification of 3105 Aluminium Coil

Model Grade






As request;


More than 28 HB

Alloy or Not


Surface treatment

Mill finished /brushed/polished


No limited for ready stock

Technology standard

GB/T 3880/ASTM.B209/EN485

CAISC is a professional aluminum alloy company, we provide aluminium for building, 6061 Aluminium Sheet, etc. If you want to know more, please contact us.

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