Camouflage Military Jacket

Camouflage Military Jacket

This military camo parkais outer garment made of camouflage printing and durable waterproof materials. Both camouflage and keep warm functions are great for tactical training and military operation in cold or wet condition. Detachable hood design can help wearer to move easily in different occasion.

Digital Camouflage JacketFeatures

CVC fabric construction.

Four flapped pockets on the front for storage military essential accessories.

Detachable and drawstring hood.

Drawstring waist.

Dual-swing shoulders provide for greater mobility.

Officially Licensed Product.

Camouflage Military Jacket Specifications

Model No.



jungle camouflage or customized


CVC fabric




Long sleeves


waterproof, windproof, and breathable

Camouflage Military Jacket Application

This military uniform uses special waterproof and windproof fabrics that adapt to humid environments, based on the BDU and jungle camouflage design, which is very suitable for military field operations and training. Presently, this combat jacket have been worn by Bolivia army.

Why choose us?

As military supply companiesin China, XinXing JiHua company have own design center and fabric processing factories. We can picking raw materials, produce multi-functional uniform fabric, designing, drawing, stitching, sewing, and dyeing according to clients request and international standard to produce excellent military uniform. Many combat clothing were exported to many countries.

If you want to know the price of camouflage jackets for sale , please contact us.

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