Our classic style bathroom vanities will bring classic style and luxury to your bathroom. We offer a variety of elegant shapes and colors to bring be all the modern conveniences to your bathroom. Bathroom vanities are available in single and double sink options for large and small bathrooms. Vanities are available with integrated sinks, or suitable for under-mounted or vessel sinks. Every piece can be customized to guarantee a perfect fit in your bathroom.

Single Classic Bathroom Vanity VS. Traditional Double Vanity
The choice between single classic bathroom vanity and traditional double vanity depends largely on the size of the family and the size of the bathroom. Generally speaking, when there is more space for traditional toilet and sink vanity units, you may want a traditional double vanity.

Single Classic Bathroom Vanity Units
To work in the dressing room or bathroom, you usually need only one traditional floor standing vanity units with basin to ensure that your space is not very narrow.

There is not much storage space for toiletries or other items in very small bathrooms and dressing rooms, and stylish traditional combined toilet and basin vanity units can be used to create a visual focus.

In smaller bathrooms or dressing rooms, because there is not a lot of toiletries to be stored, many people will choose to give up the use of dressing cabinets and the two sinks will be stuffed together, and choose a single traditional style bathroom vanity.

Traditional Double Vanity
Traditional double vanity allows two people to use the sink at the same time, two people can brush their teeth or wash their hands without interfering with each other, and each person can have his own sink and storage area, which can be sorted out according to his or her own needs.

Plenty of storage space. The double length meets the requirements for the placement of articles for daily use, reducing the need for the use of cabinets in traditional vanity bathroom.

There is more space on the table, which is useful for makeup, hairstyles or other beauty tasks.

It can increase the value of your house because many buyers prefer Traditional double vanity.

The traditional double vanity units are more expensive. You need to install two floor sinks and two faucets, or spend more money on a double-wide mirror or two mirrors, plus a back bezel as long as a dresser, and two sink connections.

Vermont is a professional cabinet manufacturer, we provide traditional style bathroom vanity units,traditional floating vanity,

cabinet design, and etc. Want to know more, please contact us.

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