Yard Game Golf Balls String

Yard Game Golf Balls String
This game with 2 golf balls on a string is not only designed for children but also provides adults with the possibility of playing indoors to meet the leisure and entertainment needs of consumers of different ages.

Outdoor golf ball throwing game consists of two parts, several ladder ball soft bolas with lawn golf ball string toss gameand plastic rods, which are light and easy to assemble. Inquiry ladder golf balls for sale.


Our PVC ladder golf can be set up at home, park or garden. How do you Set up Ladder Ball? You can check the following video. Do it with the installation manual and this video, you can finish ladder toss set up by yourself. Check for more details about how to assemble ladder ball game? You can contact with our after sale service member.


Our common golf ball ladder toss games are shown as above. Custom ladder golf ball game including monogram, flag or logo. Boit golf ball string game is classy, clean and strong. Our complimentary colors and full-color digitally printed graphics bring a custom experience, game with two golf balls on a string is available for hot and cold weather. Custom your personal outdoor ladder ball game for birthdays or special events.


Colorful designs can catch the attention of children.

Soft rubber keeps children safe during play.

Thick and strong ropes make sure they don't get tangled.

Game with ladder and balls on string use eco-friendly material.

Customize for customers.

Attach great importance to quality.

Products have passed strict multiple inspections to provide customers with multiple guarantees.


How Many Ladder Ball Replacement Balls are Included in Ladderball Sets?

Children Outdoor Sport Ladder Toss Golf Ball Game set


Rubber and plastic





Parts list

Balls x12

Pipes length 25 x10

Pipes length40 x5

Connecting pipes x12

Ropes x6


Endless backyard fun for the family, friends, camping trips, the beach, even indoor spaces like gymnasiums and more to enjoy their time do exercise.

As one of outdoor toy suppliers, Boit provides customized plastic outdoor playground equipment for kids and toddlers. These relatively garden toy set are great for play areas like garden, backyards. Our ball game set is perfect for games to play with friends both indoors and outdoors. Our jump rocket set, which can be held on the lawn or in the backyard, is sure to bring you great pleasure. For interactive family eco friendly outdoor toys, we have toss game set to play with kids outside.

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