Anti Hail Net

Anti hail net is of excellent protection against damage from hail, sunstroke, birds, bats and wind in orchards and vineyards. The anti hail nets are made with Leno/Gauze weave and offer excellent hail protection. The nets are produced using high-density polyethylene monofilament (HDPE) that is UV stabilised and contains anti-oxidant (OX) additives. The Leno weave gives the net extra strength, while the lateral selvedges and the central area of the anti hail net israelare reinforced by an increase in the yarn threads in order to permit a strong and secure netting installation and the wire of hail protection nettingguarantees a resistance of at least 3 kg per wire. This means the anti hail netting is capable of withstanding very consistent hails.

TheAnti hail meshis available in several mesh sizes (2.8mm*8mm,3mm*7mm,2mm*2mm) and in crystal transparent (natural white), black and green colours. The transparent antihail netallows crops to receive a low level of shade while offering excellent protection from hail damage for a wide variety of crops.

This hail protection netis mainly used in Banana in Israel and in Grape, Peaches, Apple, Orchards and other fruit trees in Israel, Spain, the USA, and other countries.

Feature of HDPE Anti Hail Net

Flexible, light, strong and easy to install.

Simple support structures are required.

The net is recyclable.

UV stabilized.

Woven in widths up to 5 m. Other widths are available upon request. Cut to required length.

As a leading plastic net manufacturer, Meyabond supplies horticultural netting, plastic netting, anti insect netting, grape netting for sale and etc. Contact us to know more.

There are many hail netting suppliers, but we are one of the best choices for you.

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