Plastic Magnetic Buttons

Standard Size(Diameter): 21mm & 25mm
The edge of this kind of plastic coated magnets are designed with sewing holes,and know as plastic magnetic buttons. The same as normal magnetic buttons,they are used in pairs of left(L) and right(R). It is an auxiliary material for clothing, bags, curtains and other cloth products. Its main feature is thin, washable and does not affect the beauty of applied products. It is widely use as sewing suppliers by the majority of cloth products factories.

Application of plastic custom button magnets
This kind of plastic magnet can be used as invisible magnetic buckle(buttons) for cloth products such as clothing, bags and curtains. It has good waterproof and can be washed

Advantages of our colorful invisible plastic magnetic buttons
Eyelet setting: smooth sewing hole, easy for sewing
Smooth, no burr, no hand injury
The design is fashionable, concise and colorful
Excellent material and light texture.

Meank is a professional and reliable holding magnets manufacturer, we provide rod magnets for sale, magnetic jean buttons, magnetic handbag buttons, magnetic snap button, magnetic buttons for bags,

magnetic button for purse, plastic coated disc magnets, etc. Want to know magnetic button price, please contact us for more information.

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