Description of undercoating automotive spray gun

Undercoating, as a barrier, protects the object from corroding because of moisture, salt, and other substances. Using an undercoating spray gun to apply undercoating to the object is one of the convenient methods. The undercoating spray gun is not big and can be operated easily.

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Key features of undercoating spray gun

-Aluminum body;

-user-friendly design;

-Enough capacity;

-Replacement Parts are Available;

-Operated easily;

-Excellent quality.

Best undercoating industrial paint spray gunhas an aluminum tank and body designed to spray undercoating. Do NOT disassemble the undercoating spray gun for cleaning. Cleaning instructions included with gun. Best undercoating gun and under coating work is good to get in small areas.

Operation details about undercoating spray gun

The distance between the nozzle discharge and the object to be coated is called the gun distance.

The smaller the gun distance, the greater the spraying pressure, and the greater the impact of air pressure on the product, the more uneven the coating will be, creating the problem of overcoating.

The larger the gun distance, the smaller the spraying pressure, the easier to lose the coating, so that the coated part of the spraying material is too little, and the coating does not reach the specified thickness.

The spraying fan surface and the surface of the object to be coated present a vertical state. When manually manipulating the gun, the spraying width should not appear too large, otherwise, the problem of average coating will occur. The purpose of undercoating spray gun operation should always be parallel to the surface of the object to be coated, perpendicular to the surface of the spraying fan. The operation rate is not stable, and the coating thickness is not even. The operation rate is too fast and the coating is too thin. The operation rate is too slow and the coating is too thick.

In a word, when using the undercoating spray gun, achieve the right strength, the right distance, so that you can get the desired coating effect. After the construction, some of the things that need to be perfected, the paint and help apparatus to clean up. After the use of the residual paint to block the retention of these are the issues that need attention.

Why choose our undercoating spray guns?

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Safety information about undercoating spray guns

Always follow all instructions and warnings and wear proper eye, ear, skin, and respiratory protection. When using chemicals always consult MSDS and product data sheets for proper safety precautions. Before using the undercoating spray gun, to check the air pressure, never exceed the prescribed air pressure, otherwise, the consequences are unthinkable.

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