Freeze Dried Dog Food


As one of the professional freeze dried dog food brands, we have many flavors of premium freeze dried dog food, all kinds of meat, relatively rich, the dog owner to find out the dog like the taste of freeze dried products for the dog to eat. In addition to the different types of freeze-dried meat, some freeze-dried meat mixed with some vegetables. If your dog is a picky eater, you can also try to prepare some freeze-dried meat with some vegetable ingredients for your dog, so that in addition to the quality of the meat, you can also supplement the nutrition of some vegetables after eating the natural and organic freeze dried dog food.

The dog's freeze dried meat is relatively hard, feeding method depends on the specific eating of the dog's body condition. If the dog's body is healthy, the teeth is better, the gastrointestinal development is better, you can give the freeze dried raw dog food, freeze dried pet foodand freeze dried pet treat directly. We also offer freeze dried dog food bulk if you need!

Types of Freeze Dried Dog Food

Freeze Dried Dog Food (Chicken+Salmon Recipe)

Selected high-quality freeze dried salmon and chicken dog food, using advanced freeze drying technology, retain the nutrition of raw meat. Salmon moisturizes and repairs joints and strengthens bones.

Dog food with freeze dried meat can help improve some nutritional deficiencies and help with nutrition during pregnancy.

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