Isolated Soy Protein (ISP)

Isolated soy protein ISPis extracted from soybeans with higher protein content than concentrated protein. It provides a good balance in amino acid composition and has excellent processing ability such as gelling, emulsifying ability, water and oil-holding capacity, as well as good synergy with transglutaminase (TG). Its applications include meat analogues, dairy substitutes, Chiba tofu, salad dressings, soups, pastas, and beverage powders.


Transglutaminase Preparations

TG Prolink B Series

TG Prolink D Series

TG Prolink BR-INJ Series

TG Prolink MB Series

TG Prolink MB-MM Series

TG Prolink SRM Series

TG Prolink FB Series

Natural Vegetable Fibers Acefiber Series

Gelling Agent Acemulsion Series

Natural Food Coloring NaturAce for Meat

Shelf-Life Extender

Aceprot Veg for Plant-based Proteins

Acenucleus for Meat Analogue Solutions

Thickeners, Stabilizers, Emulsifiers

Preservatives, Antioxidants, Acidity Regulators

Sweeteners & Flavoring

Proteins & Fibers

Other Ingredients & Additives

Super Binder: Transglutaminase Enzyme

As a food additives company, we can also offer various natural vegetable fiberproducts for sale, if you have needs, please leave us a message.

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