Trampoline Socks

Airtime Ankle Anti Skid Grip Trampoline Park Socks

Wearing airtime trampoline socksfor long periods may make your feet wet and cause health problems. The cotton fabric used in our trampoline socks is breathable and elastic, which can solve this problem for you.

Why Choose INNOVATE Socks as Your Trampoline Socks Manufacturer?

We are one of the essential trampoline socks leaders in the creation of design, manufacture, and sale of made-to-measure trampoline socks. Most of our customers are trampoline parks, inflatable parks, indoor amusement parks, and sports clubs looking for good quality with excellent design trampoline socks for their members. With over 30 million pairs sold per year, our leadership position is strengthened year after year and the turnover of our trampoline socks has grown.

Details of Airtime Ankle Anti Skid Grip Trampoline Park Socks

Anti Slip to Care for Your Safety:

Our gripper dots on the bottom of compression socksis made of PVC, and cover the entire sole to provide grip and traction; You don't have to worry about slipping when you make a move; Grip socks make you safer and more controllable, you can wear them to perform your yoga, dance, and trampoline.

Soft and Breathable:

Our OEM trampoline socks are soft and breathable. With breathable mesh, you don't have to worry about your feet feeling stuffy, make you feel comfortable, and let your feet breathe easily during workouts in spring and summer or indoors.

One Size Fits Most:

Non-slip socks are made of quality materials, elastic and stretchable, and fit together like a second skin; The colors are unisex so that both men and women can wear them; Choose INNOVATE Socks as your sports socks manufacturer, when buying jump socks product, it's very convenient to choose and you don't have to spend time choosing.


Ideal grippy socks with grippers for yoga, pilates, barre, ballet, Bikram, and trampoline workouts; It is recommended that the elderly, pregnant women, early education, trampoline, and hospitalized personnel use nonslip socks to avoid slipping.

If you want to know more about how much is airtime trampoline socks , please visit our website.

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