Organic Chlorella Powder

Pekhill's raw organic chlorellacomes from an organic culture base in Inner Mongolia. We strictly control the organic production chain to ensure product quality. We control costs and bring competitive prices to our customers.

Pekhill 15 years experience in cultivation and production in organic chlorella. In the past few years since the establishment of the factory, the company has learned from domestic and foreign breeding experience, and has made great improvements in green house structure and technological process.

Benefits of china chlorella powderChlorella is a high-quality green nutrient source food, and its main nutrients are even better than some main foods, with the advantages of high protein, low fat, low sugar, low calorie and rich in vitamins and minerals. some special health care functions. Therefore, chlorella is a source of high-quality healthy food such as food additives and health food.

Chlorella is high in protein, but the nutrient content will vary depending on the algal strain, culture method, and medium. Chlorella is rich in protein, complete in amino acid types and close to the standard model. It can fully meet the growth needs of humans and animals. It is an excellent source of single-cell protein and can be used as a nutritional fortifier in the food industry.

Polysaccharide is a kind of biological macromolecular substance that widely exists in animal cell membranes, plant and microbial cell walls, and is one of the four basic substances that make up life. Chlorella polysaccharides have the function of enhancing immune activity.

Nutrient composition analysis of heterotrophic Chlorella nucleatum showed that the proportion of unsaturated fatty acids in Heterotrophic nucleobacterium powder was as high as 77.24%, and the chain lengths were concentrated in C16-C18, among which the essential fatty acids linoleic acid and α -The content of linolenic acid is 47.17% and 13.03%, which are rare in other foods. The main function of fat is to form biological membranes, provide energy, and act as a medium for fat-soluble substances.

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