H3G-TSX Battery Management System

H3G-TSX bms lead acid batterymonitoring system is providing not only real-time monitoring of normal battery parameters but intelligent alarms analyses of batteries state via key safety indicators. This lead acid battery management system fully guarantees battery safety, effectively guaranteeing the safe operation of backup batteries in information equipment rooms in the semiconductor industry, petroleum and petrochemical systems, financial systems, etc.

Features of H3G-TSX Battery Management System

Thermal runaway AI analysis and early warning: It carries out intelligent analysis on the thermal runaway trend of the battery, and issues early warning in time to prevent the battery from thermal runaway and protect the battery pack effectively

CDF discharge transient characteristic monitoring: It can effectively monitor the CDF phenomenon, directly display the current state of the battery, and help estimate battery status of SOC and health SOH in a high-accuracy way.

Open circuit monitoring Applying the battery discharge online wave recording technology, combined with key indicators, the system intelligently analyzes battery open circuit status, screens near open-circuited batteries, and therefore ensures effective backup of battery strings.

Cell leakage monitoring. The insulation impedance test is adopted to alarm leaked battery via monitoring and analyzing the change amplitude of the total positive and negative insulation impedance of the battery string to the ground.

Function of H3G-TSX Battery Management System

Open circuit

Cell electrolyte leakage

Ambient Temperature

Thermal runaway

Charge/discharge current

String voltage

Float current

CDF transient characteristic curve


Cell voltage

Cell internal resistance

Cell temperature

Intelligent equilibrium

Specification of H3G-TSXbms lead acidBattery Management System

Monitoring Content




String Voltage



Cell Voltage


Cell InternalResistance


±2%(repetitive accuracy)





Charge/Discharge Current



Float Current




String Insulation







Huasuis a global supplier of Lead-acid battery BMS, lithium battery BMS and EV power battery BMS for over 17 years. Huasu is a world leader in the global on-line battery management system market.

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