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Medical Consumables and Disposables

Quality is the key to the success of an enterprise. Gongdong persists in top-down collaboration, which makes it possible for the quality to improve constantly and tend to be perfect. Efficiency stressing speed, character striving for quality and the harmonious unification of speed and quality, which create Gongdong's belief in high standards of consumable medical supplies products. As one of the professional medical consumables manufacturers, Gongdong has always adhered to this idea, so that it can walk in the forefront of disposable medical consumablesindustry.

List of Laboratory ConsumablesandMedical Consumables

Gongdong Medical offers 6 series of medical and consumable lab suppliesmanufacturing, including vacuum blood collection systems, disposable laboratory products, disposable specimen collection products, medical care consumables, pharmaceutical packaging products, and customized products, more than 300 products, and 3000 SKU. View our range of general medical and lab consumables. Gongdong Medical's list of medical laboratory consumablesare as below.

R&D and Mold Consumable Lab Manufacturing Advantages

CMM (Coordinate Measurement Machine)

To measure both molded parts' feature and profile as well as the machining steel parts' accuracy for the mold, by high precisely and accurately methodology.

Our Strength - Top and Versatile Solutions for Healthcare Consumables in Laboratory

Choosing the Right Material

Gongdong, a trustworthy lab consumables manufacturer, we choose high permeability medical grade Polypropylene (PP). It adopts high-quality pet material, which has good characteristics of maintaining vacuum. It can withstand high-intensity pressure without crushing risk, and is suitable for the collection of high-risk samples. It can be directly incinerated or destroyed under high pressure without producing toxic gas. Pure PET material has stable properties and will not exchange with blood or react with other materials.

Quality Control

  1. Each batch of products shall be inspected strictly with the factory inspection rules to ensure that the final products meet the requirements of quality standards.

Technological Innovation

As an established medical consumablesmanufacturer, Gongdong always takes improving the scientific and technological content of products, including investment in technological innovation and lifting products' independent research and development capability and art improvement ability as its the main objectives. And it pushes the Chinese medical consumable materials froward in a high level.

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