Pressure Measurement Gauge

Lanso, as a professional pressure gauge manufacturer, keeps on providing our customers with different types of comprehensive and high-quality products in the field of pressure measurement. Different types of pressure instrumentsare all strictly tested to ensure that high-quality products are delivered.

Pressure Gauge Types

Pressure gauges are mainly used in the measurement of fluid (liquid and gas) medium pressure in the process of petroleum, chemical, power, machinery, paper, food, pharmaceuticals and other industries. According to pressure types, instruments used to measure gauge pressure can be divided into pressure gauge, vacuum gauge, pressure vacuum gauge, differential pressure gauge, etc. It can be divided into general pressure gauge, corrosion-resistant Pressure gauge, shock-resistant pressure gauge, electrical contact pressure gauge and diaphragm pressure gauge according to their functions. By the measuring elements, instruments used to measure gauge pressure can be divided into a pressure gauge for Bowden tube, pressure gauge for diaphragm and pressure gauge for diaphragm box. Lanso is a focused pressure gauges supplier, so come and choose the product you want!

Mechanical Pressure Gauge

We provide medium and high-end mechanical pressure gauge.

Pressure Transmitter

The pressure transmitter features compact structure and high accuracy, and is suitable for remote monitoring.

The Reason Why Choose Pressure Measurement Instruments at Lanso

Lanso Instruments Inc. is a Canada-based industrial products manufacturer & supplier specializing in the best pressure gauges.

As one of the pressure gauge manufacturersand pressure gauge suppliersfrom China, the company's extensive product portfolio and dedication to high-quality products have earned us high brand recognition and established long-term partnerships with multinational corporations. LANSO has top-quality pressure gauges for sale but a reasonable pressure gauge price.

Lanso has self-managed import and export rights, our products are exported to the United States, Australia, Europe, Russia, Southeast Asia, and other countries. We are dedicated to being the best pressure gauges supplier who offers service within the whole world. The best-selling export products of Lanso include mechanical pressure gauges, differential pressure gauges, digital pressure gauges, and pressure transmitters, etc.

Whether it is absolute pressure, differential pressure, or relative pressure, Lanso can provide you with the most suitable electronic or digital pressure measuring instrument for a variety of pressure parameter-related measurement requirements. Our pressure gauges types are really abundant.

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