6063 Aluminium Sheet

6063 Aluminium Sheet

6063 aluminium sheetis a medium-strength heat-resistant strengthened alloy in the AL-Mg-Si series, it has half the strength of aluminum 6061 alloys. It is typically produced with very smooth surfaces fit for anodizing.

Application of 6063 Al Sheet

China 6063 aluminumsheet is widely used in aluminum windows and doors in construction, frame of curtain walls, etc.

Features of 6063 Aluminium Sheet

6063 aluminum sheet has a lot of advantages: It can be strengthened by heat treatment and has high impact toughness; It has high plasticity and can be extruded into profiles with complicated structure, thin walls profiles, or hollow profiles and forged into forging pieces with complex structure.

Specification of aluminium alloy 6063 properties

Model Grade



O / F / H111 / H112 / T4 / T6 / T651 / T6511



2000x4000; 1536x3670; 1500x3000; 1250x2500


More than 40 HB

Alloy or Not


Surface treatment

Mill finished /brushed/polished


No limited for ready stock

Technology standard

GB/T 3880/ASTM.B209/EN485

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