Innovative and Valuable Food Ingredients Wholesale

Innovative and Valuable Food Ingredients Wholesale

ACE Prolink Series

Transglutaminase Preparations

Transglutaminase China is Effective meat binding, strong bonds between proteins.

Transglutaminase Prolink B Series

Transglutaminase Prolink D Series

Transglutaminase Prolink BR-INJ Series

Transglutaminase Prolink MB Series

Transglutaminase Prolink MB-MM Series

Transglutaminase Prolink SRM Series

Transglutaminase Prolink FB Series

ACE Ingredients Transglutaminase Functions

Transglutaminase(TG) Enzyme FAQs

Natural Vegetable Fibers Acefiber Series

Acefiber Series are natural and special co-processed vegetable fiber compositions, specifically developed for the definitive binding of water.

Gelling Agent Acemulsion Series

Acemulsion is a multi-functional solution suitable in several meat applications. It allows to stabilize multi-phases products such as emulsions (oil/fat/water) and incorporate and stabilize even many other different types of meat by-products or food.

Natural Food Coloring NaturAce for Meat

NaturAce is an innovative combination of vegetable and spice extracts with high coloring properties suitable in all kinds of raw processed meat applications.

Shelf-Life Extender

Vinegaroma is a flavoring preparation, mainly based on the typical flavoring substances of vinegar and co-processed together with other natural flavoring preparations that allow the right tuning of its round and mild taste.

Aceprot Veg for Plant-based Proteins

Aceprot Veg Series are special vegetable proteins specifically selected and developed for their remarkable functionality, such as jelling, emulsifying, and texturizing properties.

Acenucleus for Meat Analogue Solutions

ACE Vegan Nuggets are an innovative and cost-effective solution to make allergen-free vegan nuggets with excellent texture (meat-like), juiciness, and very clean mouthfeel.

Ace Ingredients Food Additives WholesaleAdvantages

Full range of certificates holder - ISO, BRC, FSSC, Kosher, and HALAL

Strong technical support to provide locally relevant products and personalized services

Professional supply-chain and logistics network to guarantee timely & safe delivery of the products

Best quality product and competitive price to achieve optimal customer satisfaction

Industry leader on innovation and developing healthy, green, and sustainable solutions

As a food ingredient manufacturer, we provide food ingredients wholesale, kemin buffered vinegar, transglutaminase chinaand etc. Contact us to know more.

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