Extension Rod

Extension rod, with male threads at both ends, connects with a shank adapter through a coupling sleeve. Rock drill extension rodcan divide into round extension rods and hexagonal extension rods, and is widely used in bench drilling, bolt hole drilling, production drilling, long hole drilling, small hole drilling and other fields.

Litian owns a large scale rock drill bits factoryto produce and provide high quality rock drill bit extension rods, such as R22 drill extension rod, R25 extension rod, R28 extension rod, R32 extension rod, R38 extension drill rod, T38 threaded extension rod, T45 extension rod, T51 rod, SR25 extension rod.

Specification Of Extension Drill Rod





Model No.

Part No.







2' 7″




Extension rod, Hex 22, R22 - R22


3' 11″





5' 3″




As one of rock drilling tools manufacturers, we will do our best to meet all the needs of customers.

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