Canned Tomato Sauce

Canned Tomato Sauce* Raw Material: 100% Fresh Tomatoes* Color: Natural Red* Brand: FORTOP/OEM* Brix: 18-20%,Website:, 22-24%, 26-28%, 28-30%* Shelf life: 3 years* Mini order: One 20' FCL* Lid type: Easy open/ Normal open* Place Of Origin: China* Storage: In a dry and cool placePackingWeight (1*20`GP)70g*50tin4450 cartons70g*100tin2300 cartons140g*50tin2400 cartons198g*48/tin1800 cartons210g*48/tin1740 cartons400g*24/tin1980 cartons425g*24/tin1980 cartons800g*12/tin1980 cartons850g*12/tin1980 cartons1000g*12/tin1750 cartons2200g*6tin1550 cartons3000g *6tin1100 cartons4500g *6tin750 cartons

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