HDPE Rod 342

1) Weldable - suitable for fabrication2) Light weight - easy to handle without special equipment3) Physiologically inert - approved for food applications4) Electrical insulation - a good insulator5) Weatherproof - it doesn't absorb water6) Chemical resistance - resists corrosive chemicalsHDPE Rod:1) Dia: 20- 400mm2) Length: 1,Website:http://www.chptfe.com,000mmSpecifications1. 100% VIRGIN HDPE ROD 2. QUICK DELIVERY 3. SMOOTH SURFACE AND STRAIGHT RODHDPE RODSIZE: Dia6~400mm, 1000mm longProperties:ItemUnitValueDensityG/cm30.95~0.97TensileMpa27Elongation ratio%250Friction Coefficient0.07TemperatureDegree C-20 ~ +70ImpactKg.cm/cm215HardnessShore D80Coefficient of thermal conductivityKC/m.h0.21Linear expansion cofficient5012-15 10-4

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