Rental LED Screen

LED Rental Display Series is with exquisite appearance, light and thin cabinet, delicate and HD picture quality. The LED display board rentalmeets the use of various indoor and outdoor scenes. Among our indoor rental LED screen or outdoor rental LED display, Vspirit, V-Ares, V-Rhea, Vclear Pro won the "German IF Design Award", at the same time, V-Ares, Vclear Pro Series Transparent LED Mesh also won the "German Reddot Design Award".


Rental screen | Full-color indoor and outdoor LED rental products

V-Rhea-2.5 / V-Rhea-2.9 / V-Rhea3.9 / V-Rhea-4.8

Rental screen | Full-color indoor LED rental products

V-Ares-2.8 / V-Ares-3.9 / V-Ares-4.8 / V-Ares-5.9 / V-Ares-7.8

Rental screen | Full color outdoor LED rental products

Rental screen | full color Floor LED rental products

Rental LED Screen FAQs

Which aspects does the quality of the LED Stage Screen Rentaldepend on?

The quality of LED Stage Screen RentalMainly depends on these aspects: 1. The purchase of raw materials 2. LED lamp beads 3. Driver IC4. Power supply 5. LED display controller 6. Video processor 7. Anti-static technology. Leyard V-spirit, V-Rhea, V-Ares and IMagic series full color led screen has gone through all of those test for your needs.

What are the costs of LED display rental?

The LED screen rental cost mainly includes display screen rental cost, transportation cost, installation cost. If you are looking for a budget-friendly solution, the V-Spirit and V-Rhea Series LED backdrop screen rental will offer a competitive price for you.

What are the application fields of LED rental screens?

Application fields of LED rental screen are mainly used in the field of stage performance, auto show, hotel leasing, TV broadcasting, stadiums, theaters, Auditorium, lecture hall, multi-function hall, meeting room, performance hall, etc. Get an outdoor rental led screen price from our LED stage screen rental series.

How to choose a LED rental screen manufacturer?

You can take the following aspects into your consideration to judge the quality of an LED display rental company, including 1. Look at the strength of the company 2. Look at the successful cases 3. Look at the quality of service.

LEYARD VTEAM (SHENZHEN) CO., LTD is one of professional video wall manufacturers. We provide lexible LED transparent display, LED rental display, rental led display screen, led posterand so on. Want to know about outdoor LED screen rental priceand LED wall rental cost? Please contact us.

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