Acid Lipase

Acid lipase enzyme powder is a kind of lipase extracted from aspergillus Niger strain. Typical application fields include feed, food, medicine, chemical industry and other fields. We have lipase enzyme for sale. welcome to buy lipase enzyme on shingenzymes.com.

Product info

Acid Lipase Characteristics

Vitality: 50000u/g (minimum), or according to customer requirements.

Associated enzymes: produce a small amount of protease and amylase.

Appearance: light white or brown powder.

Vector: corn starch or glucose;

Appearance difference: The color of different batches of products is slightly different, but the color depth does not affect the enzyme activity, and does not affect the use.

Grade: feed grade;

Test standard: GB/T 23535-2009;

Unit definition: 1g solid enzyme powder (or 1ml liquid enzyme), at a certain temperature and pH conditions, hydrolyzes the substrate in 1 minute and then produce 1μmol titratable fatty acid, that is, an enzyme activity unit U.

The effect of pH: The effective pH ranges from 3.0 to 8.0, and the optimal pH is 7.0. The actual optimal pH is affected by different plant sources, and the composition and concentration of reactants (substrates) vary.

The effect of temperature is: the effective temperature range is 25 -60 C, and the best temperature is 50 C. The actual optimum temperature is affected by many processing parameters, including pH, time, composition of reactants (substrates) and their concentrations.

Application experience: Through a large number of practical applications in different industries, it shows that the product has a better effect on substrate from plant sources. This also shows that the product has a good degradation effect on many kinds of lipids from most plants under the condition of complex substrates from plants. And in the actual application process, the sugar in plants has a natural protective effect on enzyme activity, the application effect is not limited by the detection temperature and pH value.

Acid Lipase Use Principle

Lipase plays an important role in organism. Exogenous lipids need to be digested and decomposed by lipase before they can penetrate the cell membrane. Lipase is also involved in the storage and utilization of lipids in vivo, and lipase is also involved in lipid metabolism in cells. Lipase decomposition of triacylglycerol produces monoglycerol, fatty acids and glycerol as the energy sources of organisms, and is also the precursor of synthesis of lipids with important physiological functions such as phospholipids, sphingolipids. Adding lipase into feed can supplement the deficiency of endogenous digestive enzymes in animals.

Acid Lipase Use Effect

Additive Amount

Feed premix must be used first. The recommended addition of 300 g per ton of full-price feed can be adjusted according to the change of feed material. The optimum addition of enzyme must be determined according to the specific situation.

Laws and Regulation

The product conforms to the provisions of the Catalogue of Feed Additives No. 1126 (2008) announced by the Ministry of Agriculture of the People's Republic of China.

Acid Lipase Safety

Enzymes are proteins. For sensitive people, inhalation of enzyme dust may cause allergies. During operation, pay attention to preventing contact with mucosa or skin, and try to avoid inhaling dust. In case of contact with eyes or skin, rinse with water for at least 15 minutes.

Storage and Stability

Lipase from Shnge Xiongbio can be labeled active when it arrives at the user's factory. Enzyme products can be safely stored in unopened airtight containers. Enzyme containers should be stored below 20 degrees Celsius. Refrigerators should be given priority to avoid direct sunlight. In storage, if the ambient temperature is high, the vitality will be lost as time goes on.

Acid Lipase Packing

Packaging specifications: 25kg/bag or 25kg/barrel, packed by polyethylene inner and outer bags, or packed by wooden fiber barrels.

Technical Service

The company will work with customers to improve the process and solve the problem. Please tell your needs, and we will serve you as soon as possible.

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