Mud pump parts are used on drilling rigs for the circulation of mud. These reciprocating pumps are suited for the process of drilling oil wells. We, at Saigao offer a wide selection of remanufactured, used and new drilling equipment for domestic and international drilling companies. We understand the needs of our clients and hence are better equipped to offer you the best drilling mud pump parts.

A Few Facts of Mud Pump Parts

There are three basic different types of drilling mud pumps each with their own unique set of components and parts.

Triplex: This mud pump chinais used for drilling applications needing high pump pressure. This model works by decreasing the working fluid volume being discharged to generate pressure for producing the flow. There are three pistons in the triplex pump, with the middle piston generating more pressure to the crankshaft. High piston load can lead to excessive pressure and crankshaft failure, if the components are not properly sourced.

Quintuplex: These pumps are perfect for pumping fluid at the time of drilling operations. It works as a continuous duty return piston. This is used in terms of its external bearings to provide crankshaft support to ensure proper functioning of the sheaves.

Duplex: These mud pumps ensure that the mud circulation reaches the well’s bottom from the mud cleaning system. Duplex pumps have binocular floating seals as well as safety valves.

Saigao offers high quality OEM mud pump spares, consumables, expendables and spare parts. Our China pump partsare made with the highest standards of quality, offering competitive pricing and exceptional durability.

Features of Mud Pump Parts

These pumps can be differentiated into single and double acting pumps as per completion time of the suction and drainage action in a cycle of the reciprocal motion of the piston. Mud pumps are available in a variety of sizes, in addition to the types, viz., triplex, duplex or quintuplex. The latest developments are hex pumps with 6 vertical pistons and quintuplex with 5 horizontal plungers.

Parts of a Mud Pump

The fluid end provides valves, liners and pistons for the pumping process. These are high wear items requiring frequent replacement of parts. Severe vibrations caused by the pumping process necessitates a suction and discharge pulsation dampening component. Power end of the mud pump transitions the power of the drive shaft to the piston’s reciprocating motion. Parts of the mud pump include the plunger, piston, modules, housing, cover plus packing, piston rod, suction and discharge valves with their seats, stuffing box, pulsation dampener and glands.

Smooth operations will be possible when the right quality mud pump parts are sourced. Saigao mud pump parts suppliersoffer a wide range of mud pump parts that will partner the operations of rugged mud pumps for extended periods. And we provide mud pump parts for sale.

Saigao Groupspecializing in design, research and development, processing and manufacturing, sales and export of machinery equipment, with leading products comprising various kind of mud pumps, down-hole motors, any kinds of screen pipes, cementing tools as well as any kinds of wellhead equipment.

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