Sucker Rod Pump

The suck rod pumps can be sunk into wells in sequence as follows: barrel is run down to the setting depth on the tubing and then plunger with the standing valve on the rod string. For tubing of same diameter, tubing pumps are always of larger capacity than insert pumps. The tubing pump is simple in structure and applicable for wells not too deep and of higher production rate.

Tubing pumps are classified as THD pumps and THC or THM pumps. The standing valve of THC or THM pump can be hold and sealed by a mechanical or cup hold-down. Plunger together with standing valve can be lifted out integrally for normal pump check, with the tubing remain intact. This makes the tubing pumps suitable for wells usually with short pump check intervals.

Specifications for Tubing Pumps:

Insert Pumps

The insert pump can be connected to sucker rod on the surface and then lowered into the wells integrally through the tubing. Pump checks are easy and without the need of pulling and running the tubing. This makes it especially suitable for deep well applications. Reduced running time and make-and-breaks can surely enhance tubing working life. Insert pumps are clarified as mechanical and cup hold-down pumps by hold-down types or as top hold-down, bottom hold-down and traveling barrel insert pumps by hold-down positions.

Specialty Sucker Rod Pumps

Specialty sucker rod pumps are applicable for sand, live or high viscous wells, slant wells, or for use in zonal production or casingless production. They have been used in many oilfields with good efficiency.

Various types of specialty pumps and accessories as follows can be designed and made for actual applications and upon client's request:

Plungers electroplated in deep well and then forcefully honed on machines, with electroplated length up to 9m for plungers and longer than 10m for rods and barrel items;

Optional stainless-steel plungers, electroplated plungers or Ni-P coated plungers by spray welding processes;

High precision valve balls and seats in various materials such as stainless steel, ceramic and carbide.

If you want to buy the sucker rod pump,you can contact us,the

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