F32 Series Forklift Hydraulic Pump


Adopting asymmetric tooth-shaped double-module gear, compact size and low working noise

High-strength wear-resistant nodular cast iron housing, withstands high pressure and has a long service life

Axial clearance automatic compensation mechanism enables the oil pump to maintain high efficiency

work for a long time

The input shaft connection form has rectangular spline and SAE spline

The connection form of inlet and outlet is available with thread, flange, etc.

Widely used in 3 ton environmental protection forklift


Low operating costs of this forklift pump

Excellent volumetric efficiency of this forklift pump

Insusceptible to impurities in hydraulic fluid of this forklift pump


This power steering pump used for forklift, Heli forklift,Hangcha forklift,Hyundai forklift,Dalian forklift etc,

This forklift pump is widely applied to 1-3T forklifts.


Neutral Package / Customize/Packaging Box

Plywood Pallet:Anti-rust treatment+poly bag+plywood pallet.

Wood box: Anti-rust treatment+poly bag+Foam box+wooden box

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At the same time, we also have senior engineering technicians and advanced technology.

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