Different Types of Water Pump Seals

Elastomer Rubber Bellow Mechanical Seals

Developed with rubber bellow, this type of seal is widely used for water, oil and other light duties applications. Both standard and OEM elastomer bellows seals are available.Most of our rubber bellow seals can easily replace your pump seal.

Metal Bellow Mechanical Seals

Compared with common pusher seals, metal bellow seals have more advantages. The structure eliminates seal hang-up and has a long service life. It is widely used in high temperature application. Browse the page to see more about our products.

PTFE Teflon Bellow Mechanical Seals

Sealcon supplies PTFE bellow seal manufactured of high quality raw materials and modern technology. It's design has small friction resistance. This type of seal can be applied to chemical industries.

Single Cartridge Seals

Sealcon carries high-quality single cartridge seals that suit all types of pumps. Our single cartridge seals are easy to install and maintain. Our products are designed and manufactured in various specifications and caters to meet the different requirements of our clients.

O Ring Mechanical Seals

Choosing the correct o-ring can well avoid the leakage problems. We supply a wide range of o-ring seals that are different in styles and shapes. Choose our cersatile but cost-effective products to get your project started!

Double Cartridge Mechanical Seals

The double cartridge mechanical seals have two independent seals, making them ideal for sealing hazardous liquids, corrosive liquids and so on. Our products are specially designed and manufactured, enhancing the safety in any individual sealing element.

PTFE Wedge Mechanical Seals

Sealcon's PTFE wedge mechanical seals can replace the seals produced by John Crane and Burgmann. We strictly control the qulity to promise the product reliability. This type of seals are often used where expensive and corrosive liquids are being processed.

Flygt Mechanical Seals

Sealcon supplies a full range of flygt pump seals that are reliable and cost-effective. Our flygt products are made in strict accordance with the original size and material of the mold parts. No need to worry about the quality and applicability.

Our OEM seals are designed for pump mechanical replacement seals of Grundfos, Alfa Laval, APV and EMU pumps. You may browse the page to see what best suits your needs. Product quality and fast delivery are promised.

Stationary Seats

We supply a wide range of stationry seats in different sizes. All are made of hiah-quality materials that meet the operating requirements. You may read the page or directly contact us for more product information.

Mechanical Seal Working Principle

The working principle of mechanical seal for pump is to form the thin liquid film between rotating ring and shaft, so that it can efficiently prevent leakage of medium and make the end face lubricated, which help achieve the sealing effect. Mechanical seals are often used in rotating machinery, such as pumps, compressors, and reaction stirred kettle.

Mechanical Seal Function in Pump

There are 2 common sealing methods of the pump: mechanical seal and soft packing seal. Each of them has different characteristics and they are also suitable for different occasions. The correct selection of mechanical seals is beneficial to reducing the cost and improving the working efficiency.

Compared with the soft packing seal, the mechanical seal for pump has the following advantages:

Mechanical seals for pump have complex structure, higher requirements and cost. And the operators needs to have a certain level of technology, such as the basic knowledge of fitter and the characteristics of the mechanical seal.

Hangzhou Sealcon Fluid Machinery Co., Ltdhas hydrocarbon pump mechanical seal,seal water pumpand water pump seal,contact us now.

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