Swimming Pool Heat Pump (12KW/19KW/35KW/45KW)

Swimming Pool Water Heater Overview

heating capacity 12kW/19kW/35kW/45kW

R410A refrigerant

380V~440V 50Hz power supply

Best way connect with the solar water heater to together heating the swimming pool, it's running at the lowest cost.

12kw suit for 27.43cube meter pool

19kw suit for 43.42cube meter pool

35kw suit for 79.85 cube meter pool

45kw suit for 102.82 cube meter pool

The swimming pool heat pump unit uses heat pump technology to get heat energy from the air and heat the water, and the water and electricity are completely separated. It has no open fire, and produce no harmful gas. It is safe and environment-friendly. Compared with the hot water equipment that uses other energy sources, it can save 65 to 80% of the operating expenses. All the heat exchangers are made of titanium alloy, which can help resist the chloride ion corrosion in water and is harmless to the human body.

Product Application Place: It is suitable for heating the indoor and outdoor swimming pools of hotels, bathrooms, families, etc.

Main Functions ofinverter swimming pool heat pump:

Swimming Pool Titanium Tube Heat Exchanger: It has excellent corrosion resistance and can resist the chlorine ion corrosion in water. It has a high heat transfer coefficient and heat transfer effect, it is one of the ideal choices of swimming pool equipment.

High Energy Efficiency Compressor with Reliable Performance and Durability: Adopting American Copeland high-efficiency flexible scroll compressor, the operation performance of the unit is stable, and the heat production efficiency is high. It has professional gas balance and oil balance design, which can ensure the stable operation of the unit.

Full Intelligent Control with Real Color Luminous Design Display.

Intelligent Refrigerant and Oil Control Technology: Advanced system design, intelligent refrigerant together with lubricating oil control technology can effectively avoid the oil deposition and improve the reliability and efficiency of the system. The humanized design of the control system ensures convenient operation.

SUNCHI swimming pool heat pump water heater is a device that uses the principle of reversed can't cycle to recycle and release the evaporated heat back to the swimming pool or the indoor sir to keep the swimming pool and room remaining at constant temperature and achieve the effect of dehumidification.

That is, using a small amount of electric energy to drive the compressor. The high pressure liquid medium evaporates into gas in the evaporator after passing through the expansion valve and absorbs the heat energy in the ambient air in large amount. Then the gaseous medium is compressed into the liquid of high temperature and high pressure by the compressor and enters the condenser, the condenser releases the heat energy and heats the pool water. The above process is repeated constantly to heat the pool water.

Solution of Swimming Pool Hot Water Project

Solution: Adopting the heat supply mode of "circulating heating system". That is, " Hot water unit, circulating official network together with hot water pool". This heat supply mode is energy-saving, environment-friendly, safe and has intelligent automatic management, it is an energy-saving and environmental-friendly constant temperature system with the most operation benefit at present.

Solution: Using the external circulating eco swimming pool heat pump to provide the circulation power of hot water loop. A hot water pipe interface with upper and lower parts is equipped in the heat insulating water tank. The vertical direction of water temperature presents a clear gradient, and the hot water is fully utilized. The piping interface is linked with the main engine and the circulating water pump, thus forming a closed hot water circulation loop.

Solution: Initial heating requires multiple air source heat pump heating devices to gradually heat the pool temperature to the set temperature through cycling. The swimming pool uses a moderate amount of air source heat pumps due to the heat dissipation of the pool surface and the cold water supplement. Besides, we can consider using the idle units for indoor heating, to provide shower hot water and floor heating for customers. We can also consider using the air source as the main heat source equipment, and under the harsh working conditions in winter, we can supply heat by other ways, such as electric auxiliary, boiler, water source heat pump, etc.

Jiangsu sunchi energyCo.,Ltd. established in 2005, located in Changzhou city, Jiangsu province. with 13,000 square meters of standardized production workshop.Sunchienergy group is a professional swimming pool heat pump manufacturers, we provide swimming pool heat pump water heater, swimming pool heat pump unit and etc. Want to know more? Please contact us.

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