Multiposition Valve

multiposition valveto analyzers is like a heart to human been, it plays the role of collection or distribution fluids from or to specific places in very high precision level, RUNZE walked a steady road to improve the quality of multiposition valves from materials, production machines to inspection equipment.

Types of Multiposition Valve

Selector Valve

Multiport Selector Valve

Valve Selector

Selector Valve

RUNZE offers 6 port, 8 port, 10 port, 12 port and 16 port selector valves with water pressure rating from a maximum 0.6Mpa to 1.6Mpa to meet a wide range of application needs.

Switching Valve

Sample Injectors

Two-Position Switching Valve

Switching Valve

Switching Valve works together with sample loops to realize quantitative liquid storage and dispensing, also it can be works as sample injectors in non-standard OEM microfluidic designs.

High Pressure Solenoid Valve

3 Way Switching Valve

High Pressure Solenoid Valve

High-Pressure Solenoid Valve shares the same internal structures with multiposition valves, the difference is that Mrv-01B is powered on or off via voltage signals but multiposition valves need communication control.

Multiposition Valve

FAQ of Multiposition Valve

How much viscosity could the multiposition valves handle?How much viscosity could the multiposition valves handle?

Similar or less than salad cooking oil

How much pressure could the multiposition valves undertake?How much pressure could the multiposition valves undertake?

Maximum water pressure 1.6Mpa

How much flow rate could the multiposition valves reach?How much flow rate could the multiposition valves reach?

Maximum 3000ml/min with 3.0mm orifice valve under pressure 0.45Mpa and tested with water

Can the multiposition valves be controlled by computer?Can the multiposition valves be controlled by computer?

Yes, computer is one of the microcontrollers, most customers use PLC to program it.

How to choose the most suitable multiposition valves for my project?How to choose the most suitable multiposition valves for my project?

You can provide us the detailed application requirements so we can help to evaluate the reliability

Customer Testimonials of Multiposition Valve

Taiwan, Mr. HansTaiwan, Mr. Hans

We have worked with RUNZE since the year of 2017, Miss Julie is my best friend, she helped me a lot in my projects, it is really a pleasant journey to work with them. We purchased components for my water analyzers which gained lots of positive feedback from my customers, I am very grateful to Julie for all the support!

Netherlands, Mr. MartinNetherlands, Mr. Martin

When thinking of RUNZE products, I am very glad to say they are exactly what I need for my instruments, we have ordered switching valves from RUNZE a few months ago, we tested the software and hardware in our own way, all results are quite satisfactory, I am sure we will have a long-term business relationship with them, cheers!

Italy, Mr. DanieleItaly, Mr. Daniele

Thanks to RUNZE products, my new prototype has been finally finished installation and tests, I want my system to be high precision but as cheap as possible, RUNZE makes it real, we mount their pumps, valves, tubes and fittings to my system, they match very well to make it get the desirable volumes, very good products!

Application of Multiposition Valve

Multiposition Valves are used for collecting or distributing fluids in microfluidic systems with small flow rates by the help of syringe pumps or peristaltic pumps, it is widely used in environmental analyzers, laboratory instrument, medical equipment, petrochemical systems, food and beverage vending machine, bio-pharmaceuticals analysis and metering, it plays a significant role in an analytical system.

Nanjing Runze Fluid Control Equipment Co., LTD. is a professional pump company, we provide six position selector switch, 6 position selector switch, directional valve, Stepper Motor Peristaltic Pump, DC Motor Peristaltic Pump, Laboratory Peristaltic Pump, luer to tubing connector and etc. Want to know more? Please contact us.

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