Pipe shot blasting machine or steel pipe shot blasting machineis suitable for any diameter and length of steel pipe cleaning, it can remove the oxide, rust, and scale from welded steel pipe, so that the pipe surface shows metallic colors.

Pipe outer wall shot blasting machine

Pipe outer wall shot blasting machine, also known as the diabolo shot blasting machine.

steel pipe moves through the machine on skew roller conveyors. Such form of the conveyor provides simultaneous rotation and transition movement of the pipes through the machine, which can achieve evenly blasted surface. KT series turbines made from wear-resistant materials, with power from 5.5 to 45kw provide efficient and quality shot blasting. The shot blasting part of the machine’s robust housing is protected by wear-resistant shields made from manganese steel. Entry and exit seals chamber with a series of rubber screens keep the abrasive inside the machine. Screw conveyor, an elevator and sand cleaner provide returning and continuing cleaning of the abrasive. Standard equipment includes PLC Siemens, display, automatic or manual mode, automatic start-up of turbines, working-hours counter, variable frequency drive of the cylinder drive, etc. Machines may be built into highly productive lines for basic color application, including drying chamber, automatic coloring chamber and drying tunnel.

Pipe Shot Blasting MachineParameter:





Dimension of pipe(Dia.×L) (mm):

Φ (50-500) ×

Φ (150-800) ×

Φ ×

Wheel conveyor speed (kg):

1 to 3

1 to 3

1 to 3

Number of blast wheels and power (kW):




Material of table:




Ventilation requirements (m3/h):

5000 to 7000

8000 to 14500

Material of Protective lining

Manganese/Cast alloy

Manganese/Cast alloy

Manganese/Cast alloy

Material of blast chamber

Mild steel

Mild steel

Mild steel

A complete system includes Moveable Front and rear Chamber, Left & Right Hydraulic Moveable Blast Wheel, Belt conveyors, Bucket Elevator, Platform, Abrasive Separator, Dust Collector, Blast Wheel Moving Mechanism, Hydraulic Loading, and Unloading System and Control Panel.

We design the loading mechanism as Inclined Rail Type. When the pipe reaches to the work position, the moveable sealing chambers move inside droved by the cylinder. Both of the ports of the pipe are sealing. Then start the dust collector system, abrasive recovery system, and moveable blast wheel. The large airflow dust collector system we designed not only can dedusting but also recovery the abrasive during the blasting operation. After finish, off the feeder and blast wheel, then the moveable blast wheel mechanism out the pipe. The moveable sealing chambers move outside. Pull out the pipe used the pull mechanism on the trolley, then the pipe roll down the unloading conveyor automatic. There also have a vacuum recovery machine at the unloading conveyor to the abrasives remnant in the pipe. One operating cycle is finished.

As one of the most professional shot blasting equipment manufacturers in China, QINGGONG MACHINERY’s activity is the design, manufacture, sales of conveyor shot blasting machine, sandblasting room and punching machine and over more than 40 years of experience. RFQ today!

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