Corn Germ Oil Press Machine

The correct installation method of corn oil extraction process:

Before installing the equipment, the newly purchased corn oil extraction machine should be cleaned thoroughly. Remove the spindle and the cage, and polish the outer surface, inner surface and screw feeder of the screw with the abrasive cloth. All lubrication parts shall be lubricated with grease, and the type and brand of the lubricating oil added in the gearbox shall conform to the requirements in the specification. After polishing and cleaning, the equipment of corn oil extraction machine must be arranged according to the original position when installed. Because the arrangement position and order of the circular arrangement have a great relationship with oil extraction performance. After the circular platen is installed, press it with the pressing nut. After the above treatment, the corn oil pressequipment can be fixed on the foundation with anchor bolts. When the equipment of corn oil extraction machine is installed, the motor's belt pulley should be aligned with the belt pulley of the oil extraction machine. They should be in the moderate position and correct rotation direction. The belt tension should be adjusted properly.

The process of extracting corn oil from corn oil press machine

According to the difference between the endosperm and the germ, make the corn husk and germ absorb water. The germ is highly absorbent and expands after absorbing water. The germ increases toughness and elasticity and does not break when breaking grits or crushing grits, making it easy to break away from the embryo. After absorbing water, corn husk is easy to peel, and at the same time, it is helpful to separate from the embryo and reduce the phenomenon of the intercalated or intercalated embryo. This improves the embryo rate and the purity of the germ.

After the corn is moistened with water, the grits are then peeled and broken. During the operation, the degree of dermal breakage should be strictly controlled to ensure that the germ does not carry the skin and the skin does not carry the germ. Grits are broken into several lobes by a horizontal three-section sand roller. The germs are separated from the endosperm in large amounts as the corn is broken.

The proportion of grits and embryos was different. The proportion of grits was 1.30 ~ 1.35 grams/cm³, and the proportion of embryos was 0.78 ~ 0.99 grams/cm³. The separation effect can be effectively controlled by adjusting the height of the grits and the baffle. The extracted germ is then sent to a windscreen to extract the husk from the embryo to improve the purity of the embryo.

The selected embryos still contain grits. We can put them into the grinding machine to press the embryos, and then screen them with the horizontal.

The grits, powder, chaff and other impurities in the germ should be screened out with a vibrating screen before being pressed, so as to improve the purity of the germ as much as possible.

Generally, the water content of corn germ is 11 ~ 15%, and its suitable water content is less than 4%. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct thermal drying on the extracted germ, so that the water content of corn germ can reach less than 4% before being pressed into the machine. The drying methods used are fire drying, steaming wok and mechanical drying.

Most of the corn oil press equipment used are type 95 and type 200. With its own baking equipment, it guarantees the extraction of the germ.

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