Ткацкий рапирный станок GA736

GA736 rapier weaving machine has absorbed all the features of GA788, and is especially suitable for weaving thick heavy fabrics.

The loom is controlled by micro-computer and equipped with automatic warp stop device, automatic weft stop devices and semi-automatic oil supply. The wall frames are strengthened to offer better performance for enhance fabric quality.


This rapier weaving machine uses 4 levers, short connectors and short sley to complete the beat-up motion, the shaft adopts 110mm seamless tube to ensure the beat-up strength so that the machine is suitable for high-speed running and weaving heavy fabrics. The rapier transmission box adopts the advanced helix umbrella gears to ensure stable transmission. The adoption of two pressing rollers helps the worker to unload the fabric from the fabric roller without stop. We give competitive china rapier loom machine price to our partners and customers.

The warp let off motion is a positive type in continuous move, it involves infinitely variable speed device with warp tension feedback device. It can move synchronism with the pick finding device of the loom and keep tension.


Nice appearance

Excellent performance

Strong structure and heavy machine body

Low noise

Long life

Easy maintenance

Continuous take-up mechanism

Double fabric pressing rollers





Operation speed

Maximum weft insertion 160~220 picks/min


Cotton 7Ne~60Ne

Wool 12Nm~100Nm

Artificial fiber 750D~30D

Fabric weight

From 50 to 600g/sq.m.

Weft density



Continuous take-up,maximum rolling dimension φ600mm orφ400mm


Friction infinitely variable speed type let-off, beam diameter φ800mm or φ680mm


Four-bar linkage with continuous short connecting rod

Warp stop

Electrical warp stop device with 6 bars

Weft stop

Electronic weft monitor with high sensitivity


Inhead type mechanical dobby or electronic dobby, 20 heald frames at most; electronic jacquard also available

Color selector

4~6 colors


Leno selvage driven by 1st and 2nd shafts of heald frames; left, right and central tuck in device optional 



Electronic control

Electronic control system 


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