ELECNC-1325 Multi-head 4 axis CNC Router

This multi-head cnc router is equipped with four spindles, which are multi-purpose and economical. In addition, the four spindle spindles can work at the same time, which greatly improves the production efficiency on the basis of ensuring product consistency. Heavy-duty frames and gantry beds make the machine more durable. So this machine is a good choice for your mass production.


The normal frame is not easily deformed to ensure stability during high-speed operation, low inertia and no distortion. And these are typical features of multi-spindle CNC Routers.

Assembled with original HIWIN linear square guide rail and doubt-nuts anti-gap rod ball screw, and Germany made slanting rack,to ensure high accuracy, low noise and long life.

Taking cnc router 1325for example, there have lots of differences between them.

Adopting high-speed 2.2kw Changsheng water cooling spindle(top brand in China) with constant torque,high-performance drive motor to ensure the long time and stable working.

DSP A18 control system for 4 axis cnc router.


Working area



HSD spindle

Spindle rotating speed



FL118 stepper motor


YAKO stepper driver


FULING inverter

Control system


X,Y,Z axis

Taiwan ball screw

Table surface

T-slot working table

Positioning accuracy


Re positioning accuracy


6,000 mm/min

8,000 mm/min

Tools diameter


Compatible software


Support software


Working supply

220/110 V, 50/60HZ


vacuum table, dust collector, rotary device, mist sprayer, flume


The machine can be widely used for furniture( table legs, chair legs), stair handrails, sculptures, 3D relief and so on.


BLUE ELEPHANT CNCis a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development and manufacture of automated woodworking equipment and CNC equipment. Our main products include ATC CNC router, 4-axis nesting CNC router, high-end customized furniture production line, luxury nesting CNC, mature wardrobe nesting machine, CNC five-sided drilling, six-sided drilling, CNC machining center, automatic drilling machine, CNC drilling, etc. All our CNC routers are widely used in plate-type furniture, custom cabinet, solid wooden furniture and some other non-metal machining areas.

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