Steel Structure Machine

Jinggong can produce various kinds of steel frame machineto match customer's requirements and develop the technology continuously.

The main steel structure machineare as following: corrugated web H-beam welding line, cut to length line and slitting line, H-beam welding line, steel bar truss production line, precast panel production line, CNC drilling, CNC folding, CNC bending machine, etc.

Types of Jinggong steel frame machine for sale

Corrugated Web H-beam Welding Line

The corrugated web automatic H-beam welding Line developed by Jinggong consists of slitting and cut to length machine, web forming machine, flange, web feeding machine, corrugated web H-beam robot automatic welding machine, cross-section cutting, output system and so on.Learn More >

Steel Bar Truss Production Line

This truss is welded by 2pcs of bend web member steel bar, 2pcs of last quarter steel bar and 1pc of the first-quarter steel bar.Learn More >

Cut To Length Line

Cut To Length Line is the equipment mainly used for plate uncoiling, leveling, cutting, and stacking. Except for manual punching, all other processes of the production line are under PLC control, resulting in a high level of automation.Learn More >

Slitting Line

Slitting Line mainly consists of uncoiler, leveling system, shearing system, slitting system, scrap recoiling system, damping structure, recoiling system, unloading system and so on.Learn More >

H-Beam Welding Line

H-beam welding line consists of an assembling machine, front welding machine, turn-over device, back welding machine and the transmission conveyors.Learn More >

H-Beam Assembling Machine

H-Beam Assembling Machine is mainly used for the angle distortion straightening of heavy H-beam, it adopts hydraulic straightening which will have a strong straightening force and large straightening range and with high working efficiency and good quality.Learn More >

Gantry Submerged Arc Welding Machine

Gantry type submerged arc welding machine is applicable to Box-shaped column production line, landfill welding after using the carbon dioxide to welding the base.Learn More >

H-Beam Straightening Machine

This machine is used to straighten the flange of the H-beam after being welded because it is easy to deform after welding. The max. straightening speed is about 5.5m/min.Learn More >

Box Column Welding Line

Jinggong can arrange different disposition for the machine layout according to the worksite, producing capacity, investment.Learn More >

Precast Concrete Panel Production Line

Precast technology is an efficient method in construction, it can reduce various consumption of resources. Whether it is single-family housing, or large public building, precast technology can certainly shorten the construction period, and create greater profits to achieve better quality.Learn More >

H Beam Shot Blasting Machine

H-beam shot blasting machine is designed and manufactured to clean the surface of the section steel. It is ideally suited for removing the rust, scale and contamination from the steel surface.Learn More >

CNC Flame Cutting Machine

Our CNC flame cutting machine adds the economical and practical CNC functions, which not only can do strip cutting in batch but also can cut different shapes.Learn More >

CNC Drilling Machine

This drilling machine employs AC servo motor to drive the X axis and Y axis, while its Z axis is positioned by high accuracy raster ruler. By using semi-closed closure digital control system.Learn More >

Pipe Bending Machine

Pipe Bending Machine is used to make circle, curve, or spiral for workpieces. It is widely used in such fields as the petroleum industry, chemical engineering, hydroelectricity, ship building, steel s...Learn More >

Digital Folder&Slitter

Digital Folder&Slitter can not only be used for machining the workpiece used in steel construction such as fastigium, door opening, windows and so on. but also can be used in other industries for machining the metal panels.Learn More >

Zhejiang Jinggong Science & Technology Co., Ltd is a professional roll forming machine company, we provide machine rockwool, mineral wool sandwich panel machine, mineral wool sandwich panel production line, mineral wool production line, sandwich panel cutting machine, building materials equipmentand etc. Want to know more? Please contact us.

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