The lock forming machine, also known as the seam forming machine, the edge side processing machine, the air duct lock forming machine, is a multifunction machine, mainly used for the duct lock processing of plate connection and round duct closed connection. It is very common in industrial development. For the production of many kind of materials, such as pipe material, the appearance of lock forming machine is undoubted a good news, which can meet the various shapes of lock manufactured of duct. The thickness of the processed sheet is 0.4-1.2 mm. All the gears, shafts and rolls of the machine are made of high-quality steel.

After strict heat treatment process, the machine is durable and of stable quality. It is easy to install, and also has beautiful appearance and reasonable mechanical principle with flexible in movement, convenient in operation and so on. It can meet different requirements of users. The lock forming machine is suitable for the production of air ducts for air-conditioning ventilation, fire-fighting and smoke-free, dust-free purification, etc. According to requirements, it can be made into various round and rectangular thin-plate ducts, which are various sheet metal processing, duct production, etc. Indispensable mechanized equipment.

Lock former series

RF-12DR Lock Former

RF-12M Lock Former

RF-12S Button Snap Lock Former

RF-08B Snap Lock Former

RF-08S Button Snap Lock Former

RF-08D Standing S Cleat

The feature of usage of lockformer machine

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