Coating Parts High Temperature Drying Oven

Coating PartsHigh Temperature Drying Oven

Model: YPO-3155-120

Product Performance

Temperature range: RT+25℃~120℃

Temperature fluctuation: ±0.3℃

Temperature uniformity: ±1%℃

Heat-up time: 15 min

Description of Coating Parts High Temperature Drying Oven

Precision ovens can provide a stable high-temperature space for industrial materials, which are widely used in the coating drying process of automobiles, electronics, plastics, molds and aerospace industries. Industrial materials absorb moisture in the air when they are placed in the natural environment , so needed to cover the surface of the sample with a protective paint to maintain the aesthetics of the sample and improve the ability of corrosion resistance. If it is not baked, the surface of the product will have cracks, corrosion or bubbles. The baking process is divided into three categories, the first type is low-temperature baking paint from 70°C to 120°C, the second type is medium-temperature baking paint from 140°C to 180°C, and the third type is high-temperature baking paint, the curing temperature is 280°C- 400°C.

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