Customized 4 Doors Type Nitrogen Oven

Model: YNO-100-4

Product Performance

Volume: 100L*4

Inner size: 50*45*45(w*h*d)

Temperature range: RT+25℃~200℃/300℃/400℃

Temperature fluctuation: ±0.3℃

Temperature uniformity: ±2%℃

Description of Customized 4 Doors Type Nitrogen Oven

The nitrogen oven is a new type of anaerobic electric heating customized oven. This oven is used in the electronics industry (silicon rubber, spraying, semiconductor, LCM, LCD, LED, MLCC, TFT, precision ceramics, quartz oscillators), PCB, PE, electrolytic capacitors, rubber and plastic keyboards, computers... etc.

It is used for baking, drying, preheating, tempering, and aging in motors, communications, hardware, chemicals, sports equipment, printing, pharmaceuticals, footwear, auto parts, and other industries.

This Nitrogen drying oven consists of chamber body, heating system, electric control system, air supply system, nitrogen filling system, protection system, etc.

The inner box is made of stainless steel, the outer box of the nitrogen oven is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, and the outer shell of the product is sprayed with environmentally friendly metal paint.

A high-performance and high-temperature resistant sealing material and a unique rubber sealing structure are adopted between the door and the door frame. Double sealing structures prevent hot air leakage.

Hot air circulation heating systems ensure the temperature uniformity of the inner chamber.

This oven is equipped with a nitrogen flow meter and is equipped with a quick-plug nitrogen filling port, which is convenient for nitrogen filling and controlling the nitrogen flow.

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