Rapid Rate Temperature Cycling Test Chamber

Model: YICT-225 YICT-306 YICT-408 YICT-800 YICT-1000

temperature cycling test chamberPerformance

Temperature range: -20℃/-40℃/-70℃~+150℃

Rapid-rate temperature range:-40℃~+85℃

Ramp rate:3℃/5℃/8℃/10℃/15℃ per min(linear type or non-linear type)

Description of Rapid Rate temperature cycling chambers

Used to test the performance of products in rapid temperature change conditions.

Mainly applied in aerospace products, information electronic instrumentation, materials, electrical, electronic products, and various electronic components, etc.

Test standards: It meets GB/T2423.1-2001GB/T2423.2-2001GB/T2423.4-2001 etc test standards.

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Parameter of Rapid Rate Temperature CyclingChamber







Inner chamber size(cm)






Exterior chamber size (cm)

Depends on chamber design

Testing temperature range


Rapid-rate temperature range

-55℃~+85℃;-40~+80℃;-20~+80℃; 0~+80℃

Temperature gradient

3℃/min, 5℃/min, 8℃/min, 10℃/min, 15℃/min (linear or non-linear,empty loading),customization is available


±1.5℃(empty loading after stabilizing for 30 mins)

Exterior chamber material

Cold-rolled plate + Powder coating

Interior chamber material

SUS#304 Stainless steel

Insulation material

PU+ fiberglass wool

Circulation system

Centrifugal fan air circulation system

Heating system

SUS# Stainless steel high-speed heater

Refrigeration system

Compressor + Finned evaporator + Air(Water) cooled condenser

Controlling system

Touch screen controller+SSR+PID

Other components

Vacuum glass observation window

Test hole (50mm)

Control status indicator

Interior light

Compartment shelf (2 freely adjustable)

Safety protection device

Overheat protection circuit breaker

Compressor overload protection

Control system overload protection

Overload indicator

Phase sequence protection

High voltage and low voltage protection

Over-temperature protection

Fan overcurrent protection

Power supply

AC 3Ψ380V 60/50Hz

Customization service

Non-standard or special requirements are all welcome

Features of Rapid Rate Temperature Cycling Chamber

Import touch screen controller, support different language

Rapid rate is able to choose (3℃, 5℃, 8℃,10℃,15℃)

Access to PC remote control and monitoring

Heating, cooling, humidification, dehumidification separately, unique BTHC balance temperature regulation and humidity control

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Rapid Rate Temperature Cycling Test Chamber
Rapid Rate Temperature Cycling Test Chamber Model: YICT-225 YICT-306 YICT-408 YICT-800 YICT-1000 temperature cycling test chamberPerformance Temperature range: -20℃/-40℃/-70℃~+150℃ Rapid-...
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