BOSJ estabilished in 2004, As a leading producer of many types of china cold roll forming machinein China,BOSJ has won worldwide reputation in this field. Our products have broad markets in Southeast Asia, India, North and South America,Western Asia, Russia and Australia. We guarantee first-rate after-sale service and product quality. Establishing abiding friendship with any customers interested in roll forming machines is our goal. Sincerely, we invite you to pay a visit to our company.

In the selection of materials should consider more lightweight, durable materials, so that even in special circumstances can play a higher security.

The purchase of rolling door motor is also an important part. Remember not to feel that the lifting force is enough, because the bearing capacity of the rolling door motor will gradually reduce the actual lifting effect with time, so try to select materials as much as possible. It must exceed the actual lifting force of the curtain.

Observe whether the structure of the electric rolling door is precise, the degree of lubrication is good or bad, and the heat dissipation of the good electric rolling door is compared, the full gear is rotated, no chain, no belt, and thus the overall life of the rolling door movement is enhanced.

Brand is also an indispensable factor. In order to reduce the production cost, many small processing plants simply reduce the material of the accessories.

There is no way to guarantee the quality of the installation, and the maintenance is also the same, so it's better to consider the brand of the company when purchasing theshutter machine.

BOSJ Rolling Shutter Slats Roll Forming Machine's Advantages:

When the shutter door is opened and closed, check whether there is any pile of material. Especially the fire shutter door is linked with the fire protection system. The fire shutter door is often damaged or tilted due to improper operation.

Ordinary electric rolling shutters should also pay special attention to the fact that the curtains should be on the scene at the same time as the curtains are opened and closed. In the unlikely event that the curtains are tilted or the track is stuck, the curtains should be stopped and opened in time so as not to cause greater damage to the motor and the curtain. hurt.

While the curtain is opening and closing, pedestrians and running are strictly forbidden, because the curtains are connected by the connecting piece when the curtain is opened and closed, and there are few unsafe factors in the motor and the transmission shaft. Therefore, when the curtain is started, it should try not to run.

We also provide door shutter roll forming machine,automatic rolling shutter machineand shutter door roll forming machineand so on.

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