Plastic Pipe Welding & Cutting Machines

Electric Welding Equipment

The electric welding machine is the special equipment for PE pipe electric melting welding. It can supply constant welding voltage or welding current. It can also check and control the welding process so that the welding results reach the best form.

The main Features that electric welding machine for salehas as below:

Design & manufactured into ISO12176 international standard for Electric welding machine

High-level MCU control core, large LED screen display, showing all welding parameters.

Lightweight, small size, easy to operate, save manual costs.

Full welding process monitoring can terminate & improve the abnormal welding process immediately.

More than 500 welding records memory available.

Intelligent welding by bar code scan for automatic welding, or manual set welding parameter

Good retroactivity, all welding parameter can be stored or download in a U disk

Parameter of Electric welding Machine






chine Parameter and main ability

Precision Voltage Control

Precision Current Control


load rate



Data Record Quantities



USB Reading & Writing Abilities


Scanner Ability


Printing welding record abilities


≤ 10Kg


≤ 20Kg

≤ 34Kg

Working Time

It can work 24 hours constantly

Working Model

Constant Voltage, Constant Current






Input Voltage

Voltage AC220v ±20%Frequency 50-60HZ

Voltage AC380v ±20% or AC220v ±20%Frequency 50-60HZ

Output Voltage

Voltage 10~75VFrequency 50-60HZ

Voltage 10~75VFrequency 50-60HZ

Voltage 10~75VFrequency 50-60HZ

Voltage 10~210VFrequency 50-60HZ

Output Current





Working Power




Power Supply

Over-voltage Protection and under-voltage Protection,suits all kinds of electrical grid working environment


short circuit,open circuit protection


Overheating Protection

IGBT Protection

Using Importation IGBT chip,improving frequency of electricity power transition and stability prominently

Resistance Value identity

It can detect the Resistance value of Resistance wire in electrofusion fittings interior, eliminate failure due to Resistance wire damage after welding process.


Utility Environment


There are many electric welding machine manufacturers, but we are one of the best choices for you.

If you need any kinds of pvc pipe welding, please contact us, as one of the mostprofessional pipe welding machine manufacturers, Wuxi Plaswelding Machinery is willing to offer you high quality products.

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